Monday, February 16, 2009

Fewer chickens

The chickens just lay too many eggs.  Theoretically this is a good thing, and I did enjoy taking the extras to the Tolleson Food Bank when I was working at Manheim's.  But now there isn't a convenient charity to deliver them to, and I really can't afford to keep feeding so many chickens with no recompense in the form of produce anyway.  The Tolleson Food Bank gave me lots of stuff leftover from their distribution days whenever I delivered the eggs.
So, my 7 hens have been reduced to 5 but they are still giving 4-5 eggs per day.  Bill's 8 hens are still giving 2-5 per day.  Looks pretty lopsided, doesn't it?  It was really a stretch for me to understand why we would butcher MY hens, who lay every day, and keep HIS hens who lay about a third of the time.
The reason is that HIS hens will go broody and maybe raise chicks for us to eat or add to the laying flock.  But we need to keep at least some of mine so that we can eat their eggs and keep HIS eggs to be sat on.  I don't know why his hens can't just set on my eggs, but NOOOOOOO!
Oh well, I have brought myself around to it by reflecting that he can just buy the chicken feed since he now owns most of the chickens.

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