Friday, January 02, 2009

Finally, a good job

Last weekend I filled out an online application for the new Petsmart at Cotton Lane and Yuma Rd, by far the closest place to work I could ever find. On Monday at work I got a cellphone call asking me to come in for an interview on Tuesday. Yay, yay, yay. I couldn't sleep that night, even though I REALLY didn't want to look even older at the interview.
TO shorten the long story, I spend over 2 hours there, interviewed with 2 different people, and GOT A JOB as a cashier, starting as part-time but with 3o, 60, and 90 day reviews for raises and more hours. ANd get this!!! Petsmart part-time employees get the exact same benefits as full-timers, including health insurance, dental, vision, 401k plan, etc. This is after 90 days, and I have just about 90 days remaining on my COBRA insurance from Manheim's.
I speculate that they must need somebody old on the staff, as everyone is under 25 except the manager, and the store is supposed to be a model environment. It has been chosen to train management people for Petsmart from all over. Whatever the reason, I am just glad about it. I have at least 10 more good years in me, and can't think of a better place to spend them. AND I get an employee discount on anything I buy. That alone will save money, as my pets do seem to get along much better with the most premium foods. Even the cat has been moping since she ate all her Christmas canned food and had to go back to Friskies.
I already took my pee test, on Tuesday after the interview, and am just waiting for the results to be delivered to the Petsmart manager so we can set up my training and schedule. I can't wait.
He offered me cashier or pet associate in the small animal/bird dept. I took cashier because I get to pet everybody's dog that way, and I think he liked that answer.
I told Marj on Wednesday about my new job and gave 2 weeks notice, but said I would be more than willing to come in a couple of days a week as long as my Petsmart schedule was part time. Her reaction was very strange, to me. She said that she had no problem with it but would have to check with upper management, as they might prefer me to just get out of there right away. I couldn't believe it!! Here I was trying to avoid leaving them in the lurch, and she has to ask if I can even work out 2 weeks notice. What kind of world is this? I would say I am lucky to be leaving that world, huh?

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