Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not the job

Well, the job I have been anxiously waiting to be hired for has gone to someone else. I already cried about it, a couple of weeks ago, so today's news is somewhat anticlimactic. I hadn't really stopped hoping, though, as long as the winter hadn't been announced. Now she has.
So, next stop, I filled out an application for the part-time payroll coordinator. I didn't apply for it in the first place because of it being parttime, but I guess if I could have accepted the clerk'coordinator in Fleet Lease as a parttime job, I can surely accept the payroll job as parttime. It is a long shot, though, as I have no experience at computerized payroll, just many and varied experiences at life. It has been posted for weeks, though, and no one has been hired yet, so I might as well take my chance. Wish me luck.

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