Saturday, September 06, 2008

Work 4 days per week

Well, I finally am officially an employee of Fleet/Lease at the closer of the 2 auto auctions I have been working at. I will work there Mon-Wed-Fri plus continue to work as an upper block clerk at the Thursday sale. My pay however will come from the Fleet/Lease Dept now instead of the Front Office. And Susan (the HR director) says I will get the first new FTE position when the hiring freeze ends. When THAT will be is up for grabs. The auto industry as a whole is trying to find out how to save money and she is stretching a point by giving me more hours officially. If I wasn't already an employee and have been since March, but for one day a week, it couldn't have been accomplished. So anyway I will be there and ready when a full-time position opens up. I wouldn't care, and would happily work PT forever if it were possible to keep my health insurance with PT hours. But those days are gone, and my COBRA insurance will be finished in March. I have always figured that I need to go FT by Jan because of the usual 90 days waiting to get insurance. But that won't apply here, so I have until March. SO I should just relax and concentrate on making myself indispensable. I think I have already done that, just working one day per week for them, so more of the same.
I will have to quit my Tuesday job at the other auction. I will miss the $100 per week extra but will need a day off during the week, and it IS a lot further to drive. I won't quit this week though. I need to see how much money I bring home first. Gotta go.

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