Sunday, March 23, 2008

Full-time work

I applied for a position in the admitting department at a local hospital, and had an interview a couple of days ago. When I filled out the online application, I somehow had the idea that I was applying for a 32-hour position, but research since then shows that the 32 hours was at a different hospital, and that one didn't call me for an interview. Anyway, I didn't think I was prepared to work a 40 hour week yet, or even ever. After all, my COBRA insurance doesn't run out for nearly a year.
But guess what, I was really impressed with the people, the place, and the job I was interviewed for. And ONE position has the most ideal hours I can imagine to ease me back into the full-time world. The hours of 11 AM to 7:30 PM would be just about ideal. You have the mornings pretty free, especially in the summer when we get up extra early, and you get off early enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I want that job, but the director says one of the persons already there is considering it. SHe works swing now and may want to transfer. The director asked if I would work swing full-time, and I said no, I didn't think we would love each other on that shift. So it mostly hinges on that other person, because I think the interview went extremely well. They have peer interviewing, which is SUCH a good idea. It prevents the situation of immediate hatred by one or more co-workers when you get hired, and seems like it would really ramp up everyone's interest in peaceful co-existence.
I did just start another block clerk job on Thursday, at the auto auction where DH used to work, and it was fun. 2 days at one and 1 day at another is ideal working days, but neither of them are likely to ever evolve into something with benefits. With 10 more years before I qualify for Medicare, I want something that I can count on supporting me.
ANd the money at the hospital job will be very good. 15 years experience in health care jobs, even though it ended 8 years ago, would get me a nice wage. I hope I am chosen.

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