Sunday, August 26, 2007

New job tomorrow

Theoretically I started last week, at Metro Auto Auction in Phoenix.  After all, I worked Tuesday, the day of the sale in the Briefcase Check-In, and I went for a couple of hours Thursday and Friday for orientation, but those don't count.  The day every week that is liable to be hard, is Monday. 
It will compare to Bill's Wednesdays, when you go in early and don't stop until the work is all done.  That means you have picked up every single car from every dealer that wants his car to go thru the sale the next day, even if it takes until after midnight.  And you start at 8 AM.
I doubt if Metro will expect an 18 hour day like Greater (Bill's work) does.  I doubt if I will be willing or even able to work 18 hours, no matter what they expect.  We'll see.
But the orientation and just the whole general feel of the place makes me think that perhaps Metro is a kinder, gentler place to work and I'm willing to try it.  After all, nobody else has been trying to hire me.  The Town of Buckeye just never bothered to answer my application, period.  From what I have been able to glean, they decided not to have a part-time museum aide after all, but a full-timer.  And I put on my application that I was available part time.  Heaven forbid anybody should send an email or give me a call to see if I wanted to try it full-time.
The auto auction business doesn't pay much, but it is just Monday and TUesday every week and then I'm free until the next week.  And Tuesdays I think my regular job will be on one of the blocks doing computer work and invoicing for the auctioneer.  I should be able to handle that all right.  Might even enjoy it.
I do still have an open application with the City of Tolleson for a parttime Library AIde, and I think I would take that job above all others if I had a chance, but I don't think I'll get it.  They already posted the position once and turned me down, then recently posted it again.  I emailed to ask to be considered again, but no answer.
I just wish I would win the lottery (but I never play) and then I could thumb my nose at them all.  Bill says I don't have to work if I don't want to, but he doesn't want to give me money for the things I want to spend it on. 
Organic dog food, sewing machines and fabric, quilt camp, high quality yarn, classes.  Whatever could be wrong with him?
Love, AJ
AJ Wischmeyer, Quiltmaker

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